Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Assignment #7- Google Drive #4 Weekly Schedule

This is a Google Drive Assignment
Today, you are going to create a spreadsheet in Google Drive.  This spreadsheet will be a weekly schedule for next week starting with this Sunday.

Across the top of your spreadsheet 

you will type the 7 days of the week starting with Sunday (skip the first cell-A1).
Down the first column (A) 

you will type every hour starting with 6:00 am through 2:00 am. (skip the first cell-A1).   
Select cells A2 through A23.  Click on the format button and choose time.  Now, you only have to type 6:00 and Drive will put the rest (AM or PM).  After 12:00, you need to type 13:00, 14:00, etc. up to 24:00.  After 24:00, you will type 1:00 and 2:00.
This schedule will have 147 cells to fill in.

You will color code the cells by changing the background color and the font color.

Type the first cell (for example- "sleep").  Then click on the background color and change it.  Then, click on the font color and change it.  Now, click on the cell and copy it (apple key/C).  Then click on or drag over all the other cells that will also be sleep and paste it (apple key/V).  Repeat this process for every repeating cell.  You will not retype and change the color for duplicate cells.  Do it once and then copy/paste.

You must have the following uniquely colored cells in your schedule in addition to whatever things you do during the week..

Wake Up
Get Ready
Go to Sleep

To finish this assignment you must have a fully complete, color-coded, week-long schedule.

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