Friday, April 29, 2016

Assignment #5- Hour of Code

For this assignment, you are going to complete an "Hour of Code."  Click this link to begin.

After you finish the hour of code (it won't take an hour) you will download your certificate to your desktop.  Make sure you type your first and last name correctly on your certificate.  You will then do a blog post titled "Assignment #5- Hour of Code."  You will insert the image of your certificate and publish.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Assignment #4- Google Drive #2- Business Letter

This is the second Google Drive assignment.  It is found in your Google Drive folder.  This is not a blogger assignment.

This assignment is a letter using the correct format (see example below).  You can choose to write a letter to a famous person (band) asking for an autographed picture or a letter to a company asking for free stuff.

1)  Go online and find the mailing address of a company (If you can also find the name of someone in that company, that's even better.) that you like or the mailing address of your favorite actor, singer, artist, etc.  You can also make up a fake address as long as it is correctly written. 

Make sure that you format this letter correctly.  Everything is left justified and there is a single open space between your address, date, the company's (person's) address, greeting, etc. until you get to the end. When you type the date type out the long version (March, 24, 2016).  Do not use only numbers (3/24/16).  When you finish the letter with "Sincerely yours," or "Respectfully yours," double-space before you type the "handwritten signature" and double-space again before you type the typed signature. Your name will be typed twice.  Then, we will change the font (to a handwritten looking font) of the first one to represent your signature.

In the body of the letter, write about how much you like the company, group, or person detailing the products that you use from the company or the things (albums, movies, etc.) that you like about them (at least 1 paragraph- 4 sentences).  

In the last paragraph, ask the company if they have any free stuff or coupons (or if it is a person you could ask for an autographed picture or something).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Assignment #3 Your Favorite Hobby

This is a blog assignment.  This is not a Google Drive assignment.  Go to blogger, type a new blog post, and click "publish."

Title the post "My Favorite Hobby."  Write at least 150 words about your favorite hobby (a school appropriate activity that you do for fun).  You can briefly summarize the hobby in a few sentences (no more than 3).  The majority of this blog post will be about your opinions of the hobby and why it is your favorite.

You will add a related link and 2 pictures to this blog post.

Example of a link.

When creating the link in your post.
1. Select a word that you have already typed (do not add any extra words to create the link).
2. Click on the "Link" button in the tool bar (Link).
3. Type in the website.

Adding pictures to blog posts

1.  The picture you want to add must already be downloaded to the computer.
2.  To the right of the Link button you will find the Insert image button.  Click on it.
3.  Select choose file (select the correct image.).
4.  After it is uploaded, click add selected image.

Minimum requirements
3 paragraphs
150 words
2 pictures
1 link (to a related website)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Assignments #1 and #2- Google Assignment #1 and Blog Assignment #1

For Google Assignment #1 in your Drive folder you are going to write 2 complete paragraphs about yourself.  Make sure that you use correct spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in your paragraphs.  Each paragraph must be at least 4 complete sentences.  Delete all the instructions leaving only the 2 paragraphs.

Once you have finished Google Assignment #1, copy and paste those 2 paragraphs into Blog Assignment #1.  Title the blog post, "About Me."  Before you publish the post, insert a picture in between the 2 paragraphs.

Go to Google and search for an image (picture) to put in your blog post.  The picture must be school appropriate.  Select something that represents you.  If you like the beach it could be a picture of the beach.  You must download the image you select to the desktop.  You can then click on the insert image button and select that picture.  After you have inserted the picture, publish the post.

After you publish your blog, click on view blog to proofread it.

Your blog post will look something like this.

Paragraph 1

Paragraph 2

Monday, April 25, 2016


This is a 4 week technology class that if completed will earn you 5 credits.  In order to earn the 5 credits you must complete every assignment (correctly).  If you do not correctly complete every assignment you will earn no credit.

There are 18 different assignments that must be completed in this class.  If you are absent any days, you are still responsible for completing all 18 assignments.

To begin this class you must have a Google account.  If you have a valid Google email (Gmail) account that you know the password to, then you are ready to go.  If you do not have one or you cannot remember the password, you will need to create a new account.

Set Up Tasks

1.  Sign in to your Google Account (create a Google Account if necessary).
2.  Email me ( from this account.
     subject- Your first and last name
     body-  "I understand that I must correctly complete every assignment by the last day of this
      4-week class to earn the 5 credits in this class."
3.  Go to Google Drive.
4.  Create a new folder named "Wheel-Yourlastname."  
5.  Share this folder with me (
5.  Go to blogger.
6.  Create a new blog named "Wheel Technology."
     For the blog address choose "wheelyourlastname"  (all one word with no capital letters)
     Choose the "Awesome Inc." template.
7.  Email me (
     subject- Your first name, last name, and your blog address.