Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Assignment #3 Your Favorite Hobby

This is a blog assignment.  This is not a Google Drive assignment.  Go to blogger, type a new blog post, and click "publish."

Title the post "My Favorite Hobby."  Write at least 150 words about your favorite hobby (a school appropriate activity that you do for fun).  You can briefly summarize the hobby in a few sentences (no more than 3).  The majority of this blog post will be about your opinions of the hobby and why it is your favorite.

You will add a related link and 2 pictures to this blog post.

Example of a link.

When creating the link in your post.
1. Select a word that you have already typed (do not add any extra words to create the link).
2. Click on the "Link" button in the tool bar (Link).
3. Type in the website.

Adding pictures to blog posts

1.  The picture you want to add must already be downloaded to the computer.
2.  To the right of the Link button you will find the Insert image button.  Click on it.
3.  Select choose file (select the correct image.).
4.  After it is uploaded, click add selected image.

Minimum requirements
3 paragraphs
150 words
2 pictures
1 link (to a related website)

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